Welcome to my blog…

Welcome to my blog, “The broader the base, the higher the tower.” This is the philosophy which navigates my professional and personal life. Gardener Campbell contends that “Sometimes progress is linear.  Sometimes progress is exponential….” I imagine that my journey through graduate school and beyond will ebb and flow both exponentially and in a linear fashion. It is my hope that this blog becomes an active process whereby I grow as a writer, reader and responder through  a cyber setting.

The ideas expressed in this blog reflect my own ideas and reactions to what I am reading, learning and exploring.  It is a professional portfolio that catalogs my learning in a traditional academic setting.  I am a traditional student in the  MEd program of Adult Learning at Virginia Commonwealth University. Massive Open Online Coursework, which relates to the field of pedagogy, technology and adult learning. It is an aspect of Do It Yourself learning to supplement traditional studies.

You can find me through my landing pad, http://www.about.me.com   Some aspects of this pad are active and some are in progress.  I believe that this medium creates an intellectual platform for discussion among colleagues, neighbors and friends!



5 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog…

    1. Likewise…am enjoying the perspective of a writing in our residences! I’ve begun look through some of the older blogs that you’ve written and to explore some of the programs that you use with your students-certainly worth my time!


  1. Hello again edcMOOCers!

    Inquiring Minds Want To Know Your Blogging Backstory!

    Many of us in edcMOOC either blogged throughout the course, or used quad- blogging to connect with other edcMOOCers.

    Whether you were a new or experienced blogger, what role did blogging play in your overall edcMOOC experience?

    We want to hear your blogging backstory, and we need your help!
    It’s human!

    A few of us edc alum are writing a short paper about the role of blogging and quadblogging to foster organic peer to peer learning in a mooc.

    Would you please visit our most human survey, which takes a jiffy to complete, to share your invaluable information! Thanks in advance edc moocers for your help!


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