Adult 623 #2 The Light and Warmth of Hospitality

The Cookie    Your welcome starts here! 

Did you know that DoubleTree by Hilton gives out approximately 77,000 cookies each year?  DoubleTree, one of the brands under the Hilton Worldwide Corporation, decided to turn the concept of hospitality around by giving a warm, welcome treat to everyone who checks into their hotel rather than reserve cookies for just those considered the most VP of VIPs.  Choosing to provide our class with a cookie to sweeten their experience with Hilton Worldwide was an appropriate way to welcome them to the Light and Warmth of hospitality that is an espoused value throughout the world.

My team’s selection of Hilton Worldwide as an exemplary model of organizational learning was intriguing to me as a former hotel employee. I entered this project with neither a predisposition for or prejudice against the company. I have stayed in brand hotels owned by this corporation. In fact, I did so when working on this project.

Highlights from our executive summary provide a great overview of this corporation as a learning organization-

Strategic Transfer: The collective Knowledge of the organization used to accomplish a strategic task that happens infrequently, yet is crucial to the organization

Senior level managers select a Strategic Account Management Plan (SAM) in 2004, due to challenges in sales and increased consolidation of hotel accounts in the industry.  Leadership within the Hilton Corporation views competition differently. Senior leadership aligned values, goals and needs to implement a program across the board.

Kimo Kippen, the Chief Learning Officer, creates Hilton Worldwide University in 2009.   The company is able to deliver a range of training and development through multiple platforms.

Knowledge Transfer-My team was highly impressed with the way in which knowledge is shared within and among the various business brands. The Leadership College Curriculum includes nationally recognized programs such as Harvard Manage Mentor and eCornell. The more than 300,000 employees worldwide, with an App, listen to “Leadership in 3 Minutes or Less!”  It has a” grow as you go” philosophy for just-in-time learning. The short videos from Skillsoft, Harvard, and TED Talks are the result of initiatives by executives and general managers of Hilton.

From the information my team gathered, Hilton Worldwide meet or exceeds the criteria stipulated by Dixon as an exemplary example of organization learning. The (5) five colleges created by Hilton: Hotel College, Owners College, Commercial College, Leadership College, General Studies College. Team members are able to access learning platforms for personal and professional growth.

Careers@Hilton Live 

The hotel industry pledges to give opportunities for a million young people by 2019.  By putting the learning and developmental needs of their team members first, they illustrate how they strive to be the most hospitable hotel chain in the world.



Something to Chew on…

dog-from-chewing-e1438880851338  If Hilton Worldwide University was in place when I worked in the hotel industry, it’s distinctly possible that my career path would have taken a very different route.




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